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The yogini of the duo, Sofia believes in being at ease when practicing yoga. A certified yoga instructor, Sofia looked for years to find a brand of athleisure clothing that would fit her as comfortably as her skin. That’s when she decided on starting her own yoga clothing line. Focused and motivated, Sofia personally tries and selects the fabric for the clothing. The designs curated by Sofia ensure that every woman who wears the clothing feels and looks great. Multiple yogis testify to using clothes from Fitdose and enjoying every move.


A certified nutritional therapy practitioner focused on a holistic approach to nutrition and healing. The need for using organic and clean products was not a new concept in Sherine’s life. She owes her interest in this field to her personal experiences. Sherine knows what a good lifestyle entails and that is exactly what she tries to offer to women through her protein powders. The powders are great not only for women across ages, but also for kids. Completely vegan and organically sourced, Sherine makes sure the powders contain real fruits and natural sugars.